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School Transportation:

Is defined as all motor vehicles transporting passengers under the age of 21 years, to and from schools, for hire, or owned and/or operated by school districts or any public or private school. School transportation will also include the transportation of passengers under the age of 21 years between school programs and community residences (as such terms are defined in section 1.03 of the Mental Hygiene Law) and where such school programs are approved by the State of Florida Education Department.

Note: For hire school transportation does not include parents who enter into a contract with a school to provide transportation exclusively for their own children in their own vehicle(s).

School means every place of academic, vocational or religious services or instruction for persons under the age of 21 years, except places of higher education. It shall include every child care center, every institution for the care or training of the mentally or physically handicapped; and every day camp.

Important! Transportation to and from day care, day camp and religious services and instruction is defined as school, and therefore any vehicle greater than ten-passenger capacity that is used must have an FMVSS tag indicating it is a school bus or an MFSAB.


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