Victory Preparatory School is a Christian School located in beautiful Historic Saint Augustine Florida. We believe that a Christian School should be much more than a safe alternative to public school with a required Bible class and once-a-week chapel service. Although possessing these characteristics, Victory Preparatory School exists for a much higher purpose. Our school  [ Read More ]


Title: Classroom Teacher (Including Substitute Teacher) Overview: The teacher shall be a born-again college graduate, who feels called of God to the teaching profession. Other qualifications may be added by the board as deemed appropriate. Reports to: Dean of Academics Administrator Evaluation: Teacher performance will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the board’s policy  [ Read More ]


Offering grades K-12 Students at Victory Preparatory School are challenged to achieve their potential in the classroom while striving for college readiness across a liberal arts education. VPS instructs in the 4×4 core academic model within a 7-period day schedule. Students are required to obtain four core credits in Math, Science, Social Studies and English.  [ Read More ]


Visual Arts Program The visual arts program at Victory Preparatory School allows students at the earliest stages to delve into the world of art by studying great artists, growing their creativity, and fine-tuning their technical skills. From ministry to campus art shows to local, statewide and national competitions, opportunities abound for students to demonstrate their  [ Read More ]


School Transportation: Is defined as all motor vehicles transporting passengers under the age of 21 years, to and from schools, for hire, or owned and/or operated by school districts or any public or private school. School transportation will also include the transportation of passengers under the age of 21 years between school programs and community  [ Read More ]

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